about us


Yakimochi is a bistro where you can enjoy ‘RAKUGO’ Japanese traditional storytelling shows.

RAKUGO is an art of storytelling that only one storyteller performs all roles in a story just with ‘sensu’, a paper fan, and ‘tenugui’, a towel. It requires audience imagination to understand.
We have RAKUGO shows on every Tuesday night and every second Sunday evening.
Shows on Tuesday are performed by ‘Shinuchi’ storytellers who is regarded as matured artists. The entrance fee includes a diner of six courses and one drink.
Only adults (over16) are admitted.
Shows on Sunday are performed by young storytellers called ‘Futatsume’, who are on the way of developing their art. The entrance fee includes one drink. All age are admitted to enter.
On the other days we are just a bistro serve Japanese traditional homemade food. All menu is cooked by Okami, a mistress, by her hand like your mother in Japan.
Anyway, our running philosophy is “Love, Respect and Intimacy”. We hope you feel it from our shows, food, drinks and ourselves.